Medical Check Up (MCU) Eemployees

  • Oct 09, 2018

The Employee Health Examination Program takes place every year as part of government regulation to monitor the health conditions of employees as well as the Company's efforts to ensure the health condition of employees in good condition to be able to carry out their duties / jobs.

This activity is in collaboration with the Ultra Medika Clinical Laboratory in Sidoarjo and carried out at the PT. Alter Trade Indonesia on October 4, 2018.

In addition to the Employee Health Inspection activities, consultation sessions with doctors were also conducted to provide an overview of the health of each employee.

Most of the Indonesian people think this examination is a waste. But the fact is, by routinely conducting the program you can even save on medical expenses

Regulation of the Minister of Manpower and Transmigration No. Per. 02 / Men / 1980 Article 3 paragraph (2), requires companies to check the health of their employees. Within one year, once examination is carried out called a periodic health check.

Medical Check Up (MCU) is a positive and appropriate activity to be held in every company on an ongoing basis in order to strive for healthy and productive Human Resources, because Human Resources is a company asset. This is because the health of workers affects the level of productivity of the company and of course is related to company profits, and is also a pillar of achieving the mission that has been set. Employees are human. As befits an asset, if without an employee, no matter how good a company is, it won't work well. So that employees can carry out their functions optimally must be supported by good health.     

To achieve maximum health, a comprehensive prevention and early detection of disease is needed. Professional health services for workers include promotive and preventive actions and approaches, adjusting human factors for work, work environment and general illnesses that involve various multi-disciplines that are mutually integrated.

Regarding the above explanation, the employee Medical Check Up (MCU) program was also held at PT. Alter Trade Indonesia. This activity is held on Thursday, October 4, 2018.

This effort is also carried out to find out and detect employees who experience health problems, so that the Company can maintain the stability of HR conditions related to productivity and performance. As well as employees can maintain, anticipate and carry out treatment as soon as possible if needed.

It would be nice if we prepared our health as early as possible. Lifestyle, rest patterns, diet and exercise are important parts of daily life. We recommend that you get used to regular life, eat nutritious food and exercise.


**In a Healthy Body there is a Great Opportunity for a Career**

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