• Aug 13, 2020

ECOSHRIMP SHRIMP FIELD SCHOOL is a program of PT Alter Trade Indonesia (ATINA) and ASIC (Asean Seafood Improvement Collaborative) to increase the productivity of traditional ponds. This program has been started since 2019 and is working with Jepara's BBPBAP (Center for Brackish Aquaculture Fisheries) as a consultant.

The method of this field school is to provide assistance to traditional shrimp farmers starting from seeding until harvest. Through this program some selected ponds are expected to become models or pilots for nearby ponds. In the Sidoarjo area, the pilot ponds are some ponds at Jabon, Buduran, and Sedati, while in the Gresik was conducted at Duduk Sampeyan .

On July 13-14, 2020, BBPBAP Jepara, represented by Mr. Bayu Romadoni S. Pi M.Sc made a third visit to review model ponds in Sidoarjo and Gresik. During this visit a number of farm guards and farmers were gathered to discuss and find solutions to the problems faced and conduct monitoring related to water conditions, and land directly on the pond as well as taking samples for laboratory testing.

In July 2020 the Field School has entered the 3rd cycle, and evaluation of the 1st and 2nd cycle will continue to be carried out next to produce the right standard for maximum yields in this traditional culture.


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