• Aug 27, 2020

COVID 19, which first appeared in China, has now spread to almost all countries in the world, including Indonesia. The first case was found in March 2020 in West Java province, in May 2020 cases have spread throughout Indonesia. Surabaya has been designated a black zone, and Sidoarjo, which is directly adjacent to Surabaya, becomes the Red zone.


PT Alter Trade Indonesia, which is located in Sidoarjo and is an industrial place and a gathering place for many people must ensure the work environment is free from the COVID 19 virus. On June 11, 2020, a rapid test was conducted for PT ATINA employees at the National Hospital Surabaya with all negative results.
In addition to the Rapid Test, in the PT Alter Trade Indonesia area, health protocols are also implemented, by checking body temperature, wearing masks as well as hand washing facilities that are multiplied in several places. May all be given health, Aamiin.


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