• Dec 17, 2020


NOVEMBER 26th 2020

This pandemic forces us to reduce outside activities, as much as possible we must avoid traveling. Recreational activities that are scheduled every year, this year cannot be implemented. To maintain familiarity and a sense of kinship among employees, an activity was held that involved all Atina employees, namely the Atina Cooking Contest 2020.



The theme taken in the Atina Cooking Contest 2020 was Building creativity, building togetherness, uniting differences. Employees are divided into 16 teams to compete in cooking and performance. The basic ingredients used are Ecoshrimp, and the judging of the food is done by Chef Bagus Tri from the Sheraton Hotel Surabaya.


The 2020 Atina cooking contest was also enlivened by the performance of each team by presenting the results of artistic creativity on the stage. This made the Atina Cooking Contest 2020 even more lively.

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