• Feb 26, 2021



One of the advantages of ECOSHRIMP is that they are cultivated in a traditional way without the use of chemical additives, prohibited input or additional feed. Everything relies on conditions from nature. Starting from seed preparation until harvest it is done traditionally. One way of harvesting that is usually done by Sidoarjo farmers is using bamboo trap called prayang.


Prayang is made from bamboo which is cut approximately 1.5 meters and woven in such a way as to resemble a heart. The prayang is placed close to the water gates, the shrimp really like the flow of water, especially the water that has just been flowed into the pond. this will bring the shrimp into the prayang. After being trapped the shrimp will not be able to get out again.

Usually prayang is installed around 3 pm, then harvested at 12 pm, then it is installed again and the shrimp is harvested in the morning.


let's get to know other way to harvesting shrimp in the next article… 

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