• Apr 09, 2021


This field school is a continuation of the program from ATINA and BBPBAP Jepara, as before, this program aims to provide assistance or additional knowledge to Ecoshrimp farmers. Tuesday, March 23, 2021 a meeting was held to share information and live discussion.



With the theme of Monitoring and Evaluation Program for Increased Productivity of Tiger Shrimp, the event started at 10.00 WIB. From BBPBAP Jepara represented by Bp Bayu Romadoni, and Bp Suheri as representatives from Sidoarjo fisheries office.

This forum facilitates discussion and sharing of cultivation conditions between Ecoshrimp farmers and the scientific side of cultivation. Farmers convey the obstacles that exist in the field and discuss how to find solutions. Likewise with the Sidoarjo fishery office, farmers conveyed cultivation problems, and then it becomes a joint solution to increase the productivity of tiger prawn cultivation.

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