ATINA and East Java Fisheries and Marine Service Collaboration

  • Nov 04, 2021

ATINA and East Java Fisheries and Marine Service Collaboration 

The Field School Program initiated by PT ATINA and BBPAP Jepara has now entered its 3rd year. On October 4, 2021, a Field School Discussion and Evaluation was held, at this event attended directly by the Director of PT Alter Trade Indonesia Harry Yuli Susanto, Head of the East Java Fisheries and Marine Service, Dr. Ir Dyah Wahyu Ermawati MA, representatives from BBPAP Jepara Bayu Romadhoni, and members of the Sidoarjo Fisheries and Marine Service.


This event discussed various kinds of obstacles faced by farmers in the field during the cultivation, especially Ecoshrimp farmers.

The visit of the East Java fisheries was also continued to Pinrang, Sulawesi on October 25, 2021 to see the activities of ATINA and the synergy with the government and several other elements such as NGOs and farmers in an effort to restore the productivity of tiger prawns.



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