• Mar 10, 2023

Field School: Socialization of cultural adaptation to climate change and weather

The challenge of climate change is one of the main factors in the sustainability of aquaculture, extreme weather causes drastic changes in water quality which causes stunted growth and shrimp health and even potential failure.

Small-scale/traditional farmers must have a climate change resilience (CCR) pattern, a cultivation schedule that adopts climate predictions published by the BMKG can be used as a cultivation work plan, so that potential failures caused by climate/weather can be minimized.



This discussion was attended by fish farmers and pendega (pond guards) of pond members of Ecoshrimp in Gresik Regency, which took place in Kawisto Windu Village, Sat Sampean District. And the material presented by Hendra Gunawan (Inspector Manager of PT. ATINA), discussed climate predictions in 2023 which will be used as a work plan for farmers for stocking schedules and harvesting schedules.

From the results of the discussion the participants will carry out the cultivation schedule in 2023, Mr. Agus Rohman, one of the younger generation of farmer participants, said that it is true that failures are caused by farmers' lack of understanding in adjusting climate predictions.

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